Manufacturing Plant

> 20,000m2 Manufacturing Plant

>  Certificatation ISO 9001

>  Certificatation ISO 14000

> 6S management

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Quality Control

> Core laboratory of DAF

> Patented technology over 200

> Raw Material Inspection

> Processing Inspection

> Product Performance Testing

> Service and Maintenance

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> More than 5700 Solutions in 40 counties

> Top 500 companies and Domestic enterprises

> Research & Institute of University and college  

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Professional Wastewater Treatment solution

why choose us

We are Experts and Innovators in Water Treatment and Environmental Services.

We are Experts in the Water Environment.

We provide technology, equipment, quality control, maintenance and environmental services for customers involved in the treatment and management of waste water, desalination and other environmental services, around the world.

WWuxi Gongyuan’s strategic, social mission revolves around the sustainable development and management of water resources and the water-based environment. Since we were established in 2006, we have been involved in over 2000 successful projects in more than 20 countries and districts. Our R&D efforts into Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) and microbubble preparation water treatment solutions, have won nearly 200 national patents. The independent research we carry out has received intellectual property management certification.

Our water treatment equipment and other water-based environmental services have been chosen by more than 5000 companies, domestically and internationally. This has led to our products being exported to the USA, India, Russia, Korea, Japan, Singapore and many others. We have enjoyed strong demand for sustainable development, especially related to water management and treatment, when adhering to environmental regulations.

DAF equipment, developed by us, has been used successfully in both the pre-treatment of water for other processes, such as seawater desalination and the management and treatment of waste water. For example, we helped meet pretreatment standards in the Dairy Industry in Thailand and our Superficial DAF helped improve a Waste Water Plant for the Printing and Dyeing industry in India. Please see some of these examples under tab named “cases”, for how our innovative DAF technologies and others have been used. DAF is especially suited to removing solids and oils.

We facilitate water treatment and management for businesses in a host of industries, including textiles, petrochemical, municipal, mining, electroplating and healthcare. In addition to our range of DAF technologies, we also have Lamella Clarifiers, Chemical Dosing Units, Sludge scrapers, sludge de-watering systems and other Auxillary Equipment. The micro-nano bubble generator is one of the most versatile products, being used in aquaculture, landscape works, river improvement, water re-usage and sewage treatment. The system can be controlled with our intelligent, wireless technology.

We hope that you too will benefit from our globally tested research and manufacture of products that solve water treatment and water management problems throughout the supply chain.