How to do with the foating scum produced by DAF?


How to do with the foating scum produced by DAF?

Most DAF users will worry about how to handle with the DAF scum? First, let us introduce about scum definition and damge casued by scum. And then we can find DAF scum solution. Simply, scum is residue produced by DAF clean system. It is important to note that we should prevent the DAF impurities redissolution. If not handled properly, this will reduce the total effects, even creating side-effects.

In fact, the scum treatment is to serve the purification process better. Also, we must take advantage of scum sucrose and prevent the scum spoiling. If handled incorrectly, the treatment effects will cause deviation. When doing phosphorus treatment, the scum will be little, which will be easily treated with one set of suction filter.

Normally, foreign technology will recycle the DAF scum into mixing liquid and handle the scum with clarification. Because the calcium phosphate of scum will contact with flocculant. After forming scum, the whole dilution process will appear redissolution. As the scum will be diluted and grows larger, the redissolution will be more and more. We should pay attention to the process.