Military and business training


At the beginning of this month, our company has conducted the staff training. From September 2-6, we have 2days of military training and business negotiation training.

For the first two days military training, we experienced an incredible tiredness and we would never forget it.

Since we left school, we have few time to attend such training. For the military training, it is popular that most of Chinese colleagues and high schools hold military training for several days or more. And through our two days training, we grained will and perseverance! Tiredness gave us many,many experiences, it was growths catalyst.

Then in the next 4 days of business training, the teacher said that why he want us to attend the military training. He wants us to change our mind and obey the command not only in military training but also in business negotiation. For this business training, we have a lot of case study which is very useful for our work.